What Gets Checked During An MOT?

An MOT test is a requirement for car owners in the UK. The MOT test is the same regardless of whether you are going to an MOT Welling or one of the other Garages located in Kent. You can expect the same results irrespective of where you are.
The government has instituted an MOT Test as part of its efforts to make sure that roadworthy vehicles are available. After a vehicle has been on the road for three years, the Ministry of Transport requires it to be tested regularly to ensure it meets government standards. The test checks for safety and environmental requirements. Over 21,000 service centers are certified to administer the examination and test.

The MOT Test, however, is quite different than a regular service check. It does not touch your engine or clutch. The MOT focuses on other parts of your vehicle, such as your tires and electrical system. An MOT is not only for your car. Your car will not be inspected if there is nothing wrong. If the standards are not met, your car will be taken to repair until it encounters them.

There are many parts that need to be checked during an MOT.

Tire Check

Your car’s tires will be checked for roadworthiness. The tire’s age and wear will be assessed. The garage will need to repair your tires if the safety threshold is not reached.

Check for Light

It is vital to be seen and heard on the roads. Your lights are an essential part of the MOT check. If one of the lights fails, it must be replaced and made functional. This could be done in advance, so the MOT tester does not waste his time.

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Fluid Level Check

Your car functions via engine oil. It is essential that the engine oil is insufficient quantities to allow your car to function properly. Also, the windshield washer fluid is checked. Your vehicle will be given an oil change or a top-up if it is deficient.

Brake checks

Your car’s brakes are what will prevent you from getting into an accident. Your vehicle should be able to stop quickly so you don’t run into anyone. The MOT test will check for all factors that can affect the effectiveness of your brakes. A bad break can lead to an accident. The MOT tester will inspect your brakes to ensure that they are working to safety standards.

Dashboard Light Check

The dashboard lights will tell you if there is an issue with your car. The MOT checks them to make sure they work correctly. The emotion is focused on the warning lights to let you know when your vehicle has a problem.

Horn Check

Your car’s horn is used to warn motorists of danger on the roads. It is an essential part of pedestrian safety and is, therefore, part of the MOT test. It will be fixed if it does not make a sound or is delayed.


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