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Why Small Businesses Fail Number 1 – Starting a Business With the Wrong Motives

Why Small Businesses Fail Number 1 - Starting a Business With the Wrong Motives

You have a better chance of succeeding if you start your business to make a positive difference in the lives of others. You should offer something unique and valuable to your customers in order to be successful in business.

This is not a surprise. You thought that being your boss would be enough to propel you to success. You thought that just wanting more money would drive you on. It takes persistence and perseverance to build a business, but this is often not enough to make you stand out among the crowd.

Small businesses fail for the right reasons – Here are some of the main reasons!

You are less likely to succeed if your company was started for the wrong reasons. However, I think there is a caveat. You don’t have to lose your primary focus. Instead, you can shift your efforts and try to make your customers’ lives better. This could be a way to discover a niche market that isn’t being served.

What can you offer your clients that is of little or no cost? You might be able to provide additional information that will not only show your knowledge but also build trust with your clients. You might also be able to streamline the ordering and purchasing processes for your products.

Why small businesses fail – Refocusing my business goals

It was clear that my desire to create a passive, recurring income stream for me wasn’t enough to get one. Because everyone tries to build their organizations in the same way, which often involves asking friends and family for help, the success rates in my industry are pretty low. This approach was not for me, so I began running paper ads and selling cold markets.

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Even though I had some success, it was hard work, and other reps in the company began to compete with me. Others started to use my lead generation methods, and I didn’t always get ad spaces.

When I realized that people were searching for my product or services, that was my first major breakthrough. To help them find me, I had to learn Search Engine Optimization techniques.

It was also difficult for consumers to place orders for my products. They would need to contact an agent, who would then place the order directly with my company. This was something I did for my new clients, but it became clear that once someone has made a purchase decision, they usually just want to place an order. I promised that I would help them do that! This was the turning point for my business! This was a new way of doing business. I could stay ahead of my competition by improving my marketing strategies and providing my customers with exactly what they wanted.

In that year, I was the 11th highest customer enrollment in the entire business. They were operating in 15 different countries at the time. After attending the company convention, it was clear to me how many people I could outshine simply by thinking differently. I received an award at the International Convention, Salt Lake City. Since then, I knew that I needed to continue to find new ways to improve the lives of my customers to stay ahead in the market.

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