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Finding Clients for Your VA Business

Finding Clients for Your VA Business

What’s the top most frequently asked question?

The answer is simple… It’s “How do I find clients?”

We design businesses, then decide the prices for services and prices, then we complete the website, and we connect… but we don’t know where to look for customers.

I’m not talking about just one client or two. It’s a continuous stream of customers.

When many of us began our own business, and we said yes to everyone who approached us to join them. Cash flow is the primary factor to get your company on the right track, it’s true.

However, as your business expands, you need to know where you will locate your customers every day. This is something that the majority of VAs do not think much into.

It’s not as great as “build it, and they’ll be there. It’s just not true this way.

There is a mix of actions you have to be doing to be the person clients can trust for assistance.

1. Find out who you’re trying to find.

A lot of marketing professionals advise that you should find your ideal client’. I’m in agreement, but I would prefer to consider it an ideal group to help you find clients. You must be aware of that could benefit of your services and be aware of the best ways to accomplish this. You research the specific category of people that you believe your services could be beneficial to, and you then make contact with them directly. It could be a group that is within the same field or who are at the same time or are all located in a location. Whatever the reason is, these are the people you should be focusing on for the best outcomes. If you are able to reach many people at once and you are able to win more sales meetings.

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2. Find out what you can do to help them.

It’s not enough to say It is essential to understand precisely how you can help and assist the people you choose as customers. If you’re unable to communicate your ideas clearly, they’ll be unable to comprehend. Discover their business and find out the ways in which your services will benefit them. It’s not enough to just say “general admin” or “social media. What do you help them with? For example, what is it that they are currently doing for themselves in their work which you can remove from their list? What will it do for them? What are they failing to do that you could implement for them and how does that assist them? Be aware of the questions and know the answer. This way, when you interact with them, it’s a conversation and not an interview.

3. Find out the places where they are hanging out.

Where do they get together? Particularly (getting bored of saying that word? LOL). Do they have meetings locally? Online? LinkedIn? Association? Are they in the right place? When you locate them, visit them. Go there. Be there. You’ll want to discover your prospective clients in the places they hang with their colleagues. This is the area where they’re seeking outsources, which is why it’s essential to be there. If you go to the place they’re already, it’s like going home.

4. Be aware of what you can tell them.

In any networking event, It’s not a good idea to travel to explain your offerings to the public. They don’t care. Really. It’s a bit blunt. However, they aren’t. Everybody (and I’m referring to every single one of them) working in business has the perspective of ‘what’s best for me’. When you go to their gathering, and they begin to consider how you might be able to assist them. This might not even be directly helpful but could be an opportunity to help another person. Be conscious of the image you’re creating. Be sure to talk about the things you are aware of; however, do not ask questions when discussing your business. Answer questions whenever you can. Let them know that you are an expert. Give them advice, information, sources. It’s effective. It actually does.

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Finding clients is a crucial strategy for businesses. There are a lot of steps you must take in the course, obviously, but when you adhere to these steps now, you’ll find yourself in the correct position and having the best people speaking the right words. This is a simple fact.



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