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Company Seals – Tips to Consider When Buying Embossing Seals

Company Seals - Tips to Consider When Buying Embossing Seals

Companies use company seals to emboss documents. The term “seal” refers to an imprint with a unique design on a material such as paper that proves or shows that the document was issued by a person or company. The document is also certified by the issuer/company. If necessary, this imprint can include the company name, logo, and official address.
Common names for company seals include embossing seals (corporate seals), embossing stamps, embossers, and embossing stickers. They all leave a visible imprint. The imprint can be felt when you touch the embossed material. This is how they differ from regular ink stamps.

Do company seals need to be used?
Some countries, such as Uganda, require company seals to be in place. In other countries, however, company seals are optional. They are, however, preferred by most companies for authentication purposes.

Documents such as agreements, minutes of board meetings, loan documents opening, membership certificates, and loan documents are all protected by company seals.

Corporations adopt company seals, which they can modify according to company director approval. To avoid them falling into the wrong hands, they are stored in safe places.

Who uses company seals for their business?
They can be used by limited companies to emboss documents with the company’s logo and name. They are used by professionals like solicitors and notary publics to seal documents that they have signed with their words. A company seal can be used by anyone.

Recently, Uganda has seen an increase in schools that emboss student’s exam reports. This is done to prevent students from forging their exam reports.

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What are the most important things to consider when purchasing company seals?


There are many designs available for company seals. Round seals are the most common. There are also square and rectangular designs. It all comes down to your personal taste.

Type of font

You should choose a font that is easy to read on paper. The font should not cause the form to be cut by the sharpness of its characters.

The price

Company seals can be expensive. Prices will vary depending on what brand the device is and how big it is. It also depends on where it is purchased. Be careful! Be careful not to make costly mistakes simply because the price is low.

The size

Small-sized seals are as common as large ones. There are, for example, pocket seals as well as desk seals.

To make an impression with pocket seals, hold the paper and seal in one hand. These are portable and easy to use. They come standard with a small, lightweight plastic case. These are great for companies that don’t require much embossing.

Desk seals are generally larger than pocket seals. You place a document on the desk to emboss it. These are great for embossing companies.

The enormous seals are heavy-duty. These seals can be used to emboss documents, just like desk seals. They are more robust than the others and can be used for too much embossing.


You should be careful not to get into legal issues that could lead to money loss, as people usually use company seals to sign legal documents, agreements, and contracts. This is very important.

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What should you do?
Get your seal made by a reputable seal maker. This business is a well-respected one that cares about its reputation. This business will not reproduce your seal without your approval. It is a business that will design your seal with features that are difficult to replicate.

This is a common mistake. Street boys in Uganda are known to grab customers and pretend to be cutting seals. You give them work, and they run to the seal cutter who mows it. They will return with the finished product. They get a commission if you pay them. You won’t find such a person anywhere else. He is not liable in the event of any damage.


Clear impressions make a company seal a good choice. It depends on many factors. It all depends on how good the cutting is, which is dependent on the equipment being used. Computerized laser engravers are excellent cutting machines.

The second factor is the material used to cut the die. I have seen seals made from acrylic. This material can be used for cutting labels. Delrin is the best material to make seal dies. However, acrylic can be used to make seal fails. These dies can be used for up to one year. They stop making good impressions after that.

The design is the third aspect of quality. Professionals are the ones who create incredible designs. It’s more than just cutting. It is missing to create a seal that will last forever.

Quality is also dependent on rigidity and durability. Durable seals made with steel reinforced in construction are strong.

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A seal maker is the best choice if you want to create a seal for your business. Company seals can be pretty expensive. Quality products are worth the investment. Security is also essential!


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